Nadine Maher | Curriculum Vitae

E: nadmaher (at) gmail (dot) com


2013 Bachelor of Arts, Honors. Studio Art Major, School of Fine Art and Music, University of Guelph.


2017 Roundtable Residency, Facilitator (Publicity Officer), Toronto
2015 Roundtable Residency, Toronto
2013 Awarded scholarship for residency at the Hochschule für Künste, in Bremen, Germany
2013 Die Kunst der Intervention, thematic workshop, Lichtenberg Studios, Berlin, Germany


2018 Salon VI, Patel Gallery, Toronto
2017 Layers, Partial Gallery, Toronto
2016 WTFDYP: Go Figure, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
2016 In The Round, Graven Feather, Toronto
2016 Etsy Permanent Collection, Etsy Headquarters, New York
2015 In The Round, Graven Feather, Toronto
2015 Roundtable Residency: "Versus", Dragon Academy, Toronto
2014 Collect Call, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph
2014 HUMDRUM, bric-a-brac studio, Toronto
2014 Whistle While You Work, bric-a-brac studio, Toronto
2013 In the Round, Graven Feather, Toronto
2013 Pixels and Paint, Zavitz Gallery, Guelph
2013 Memento Mori, Project Gallery, Toronto
2013 Translation, Galerie Flut, Bremen, Germany
2013 Stranger Stranger, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph
2013 What Have Yous, Zavitz Gallery, Guelph
2013 Moonraker, Zavitz Gallery, Guelph (solo show)
2013 Art Sale, Ed Video Media Arts Center, Guelph
2012 How We Got Lost, Zavitz Gallery & Axelrod Project Space, Guelph
2012 Broke New World, Zavitz Gallery, Guelph
2012 Look There, Not Here, Ed Video Media Arts Center, Guelph
2012 If The Chemicals Don't Kill Us, Zavitz Gallery, Guelph
2012 44th Annual Juried Art Show, University of Guelph, Guelph
2012 Art Exchange, The Artery, Waterloo
2012 Happenstance, Zavitz Gallery, Guelph
2011 Recite, Recount & Reimagine, Gallery 918, Toronto
2010 Phantasm, Zavitz Gallery, Guelph
2008 Beyond the Frame, curated by Judith Nasby, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Guelph


2016 AFTERIMG, Compiled by Phoebe Todd-Parrish and Katie Bruce
2014 Canadian Art, Volume 30, No. 4, "Painting Returns to the Centre" pp. 55 & 64
2014 Carousel Magazine, Volume 32
2013 "Moonraker explores uncertainty of memory", Nick Revington, The Ontarion
2012 "Broke New World responds to contemporary society", Samuel De Lange, The Ontarion
2012 "Zavitz Hall hosts Happenstance", Karim Boucher, The Ontarion
2010 "Zavitz Hall Breathes Life Info Picture", Oliver Dzuba, The Ontarion


2012 "Setting Up Shop: Artist Multiples", The Ontarion, University of Guelph, 
2012 "Solo Print Show Examines Embodied Narratives: Sarah Cordeaux", The Ontarion, University of Guelph, 
2012 "Ephemeral Feel Conveyed by Cloud: Jenine Marsh & Laura Anderson", The Ontarion, University of Guelph, 
2012 "Someone Else's Home Explores the Mundane: Juliane Foronda, Tyler Muzzin, Laura Phan", The Ontarion,University of Guelph, 
2012 "An Illuminating Exhibition: Patrick Beh & Kimberley Vanderweyden" The Ontarion, University of Guelph, 
2012 "Alexandra Zieger explores fleshy textures with InteguementThe Ontarion, University of Guelph,